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Everything you do comes back to “Engaging your Audience”
What will excite your students?

Play to your crowd.
Students observe and participate in your commentary and
coverage of live games, concerts and shows. What are your
students interested in? How can you relate what you are
trying to teach to your student’s interests? It might be a
stretch to play hip-hop music to your math students but,
comparing BPM, (beats per minute), to the science of audio
engineering just might be compelling to your students.

Most of us enjoy observing behind-the-scenes productions
including pre-production meetings, script writing, ad copy,
show rundowns, scheduling guests and interviews, On-Air
Broadcasts, Post Production Editing, Final Air checks, Program
Distribution, Promotions, Marketing, Clearing Broadcast
Channels, and most importantly identifying and connecting
with an audience. If you engage your audience, your students,
and make them a part of the process they will follow you and
most importantly learn from you.

On Air Education includes the following elective learning
*Developing and Sharing an Audience of friends and family
members using Social Media.
*A competition for the most views on Social Media during each
live event.

*Creative Pre-Production Meetings determining Lead Stories.
*Tours of Broadcast facilities.
*Meet and Greet with Broadcast Executives and News Anchors.
*Write, Produce and Sponsor a 30-minute program for
Broadcasts on multiple Social Media Platforms.
*Getting and Maintaining Sponsorships!
*Learn about Broadcast equipment from Manufacturers and
Studio Engineers.
*Studying show metrics and understanding audience Reach
and audience demographics